Friday, October 8, 2010

C Programming List For Final Lab Exam(BCA Ist SEM)

Part A

1 Printing the reverse of an integer.

2 Printing the odd and even series of N numbers.

3 Get a string and convert the lowercase to uppercase and vice--versa using getchar() and putchar().

4 Input a string and find the number of each of the vowels appear in the string.

5 Accept N words and make it as a sentence by inserting blank spaces and a full stop at the end.

6 Printing the reverse of a string.

7 Finding the first N terms of Fibonacci series.

8 Finding the maximum of 4 numbers by defining a macro for the maximum of two numbers.

9 Recursive program to find the factorial of an integer.

10 Demonstration of bitwise operations.

Part B

11 Searching an element in an array using pointers.

12 Checking whether the given matrix is an identity matrix or not.

13 Declare 3 pointer variables to store a character, a character string and an integer respectively. Input values into these variables. Display the address and the contents of each variable.

14 Define a structure with three members and display the same.

15 Declare a union with three members of type integer, char, string and illustrate the use of union.

16 Arranging N numbers in ascending and in descending order using bubble sort.

17 Addition and subtraction of two matrices.

18 Multiplication of two matrices.

19 Check whether the given string is a palindrome or not.

20 Applying binary search to a set of N numbers by using a function.

21 Create a sequential file with three fields: empno, empname, empbasic. Print all the details in a neat format by adding 500 to their basic salary.

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